Saint Anthony's
Georgina Ontario
1903 - 2003

Our Scrap Book

The Catholics surrounding St. Anthony's were initially served by travelling priests from the Oshawa area. In the year 1858, a frame church was built in Georgina Township on the Sixth Concession, now Highway 48, in Virginia on a two acre lot given by Anthony Charpentier. In 1903, a new brick church was built with stained glass memorial windows. The cost of the church was $600.all of which was paid.

The Church has remained basically the same but some changes have taken place. In the 1960's the altar was changed because of Vatican II; in the 1970's the Highway was widened and we lost some of our front lawn; in the 1980's the vault and outhouse were demolished and the parking lot extended; in the 1990's a well and a bathroom were installed and the sacristy was remodeled..

Dorothy and Leonard Matt are examples of the dedication and hard work of the parishioners. They were presented with the Bene Merenti Medal by Cardinal Carter for having served St. Anthony's Church for 60 years. Len used to tell about working late at the hotel and stopping by the church on his way home to start the fire in the furnace for Sunday morning.

Len and Dorothy were joined by other parishioners who helped as well. Charlie Burnie has made a lot of repairs to the church through the years. Jim Matt carries on the family tradition of taking up the offering each Sunday. Andy O'Neill also took up the collection, taught catechism and served on the cemetery committee. Dennis Salt, our previous organist, prayed for an organ and through the generosity of parishioners the present organ was bought and paid for in 6 months. The ladies of the church held several bake sales on the lawn every summer, there is no church hall. do you rmember the smell of those fresh baked goodies, some of them still warm from the oven? We would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers for their work and devotion to St. Anthony's Church.

Reminiscing with descendants of the original parishioners brings back memories of summer school, picnics, strawberry socials, teas and bake sales. They worked, prayed and played together making this church and the community the place we love and call home.



In the Beginning

Pius PP. X
Giuseppe Sarto


Benedictus PP. XV
Giacomo della Chiesa


Pius PP. XI
Achille Ratti


Pius PP. XII
Eugenio Pacelli


Ioannes PP. XXIII

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli



Paulus PP. VI
Giovanni Battista Montini


Ioannes Paulus PP. I

Albino Luciani


John Paul II
Benedict XVI
28.III.2013 (retired)
Francis I